Over a year ago, I made a foolish proposal to the youth group of the church where I am employed as Director of Education. I told them that if they raised:

$500 – I would let them dye my hair the color of their choice

$750 – I would get my nose pierced

$1000 – I would get a tattoo

You might ask, why are those numbers so low? The youth group consisted of 3 kids on the best of days. I figured they would organize a bake sale or something. Ahh, the power of humiliation. A few weeks of announcing the challenge and the money was raised. The next youth group is going to have to work for their fundraisers!


Dyed and pierced (April 2006)


Promise fulfilled.

Time spent waiting for my turn at Leviticus was time well spent on my socks.


Now that the socks are finished (except for blocking), I have started a new shawl. I don’t know what I am more excited about: knitting something out of Folk Shawls or using my ball winder and swift (didn’t take long for me to break down and order one, eh?).