A friend came over yesterday morning and while we chatted she busied herself cutting out a couple new patterns (how could I have missed out on the Memorial Day sale at Joann’s?). After I delivered Joshua to school, I heard the sewing machine calling to me. I have so many projects in the queue, it is hard to know where to start. I decided on this:


Not bad for a day’s work, eh? If you read Angry Chicken, this may look familiar. It was very satisfying to have a new outfit to give Lizzie this morning. It was especially satisfying since we hadn’t done laundry recently and she had nothing to wear to school. I am happy to report she appreciates my efforts.

I am nearing completion on the Sockapalooza socks. I just have a couple inches to knit on the foot before I start the toe decrease on the second sock.


Our weekend was spent in Madison visiting Brad’s folks. Driving there wasn’t bad. Driving home made us reconsider our summer travel plans. Screaming babe aside, the trip was enjoyable. The highlights for me were a trip to Lakeside Fibers and a rummage through Brad’s Grandma’s boxes of fabric.

Before leaving home, I was instructed to find time to ditch the family and go to Lakeside Fibers. I wasn’t able to ditch the whole fam, but I took Brad and the portable child and enjoyed the brief visit. It was as fabulous as Sarah described. I am itching to get back to spend hours on end knitting while enjoying a latte and the view of Monona Bay. I am thinking a road trip with friends is in order.

I have been hearing complaints about Grandma’s bins of old fabric for years now. The bins are currently housed in my in-laws’ garage and I think they are ready to ditch the whole lot, bins and all. I took the opportunity to look through and pillage. I came home with some fun vintage prints, corduroy, muslin, etc.


This isn’t even half of what I brought home. Many of the fabrics were labeled with measurements. Some had additional notations such as, “enough for child’s shorts”.

Apparently, Grandma is a starter, not a finisher. There were several almost completed garments in the boxes.

A dress that just needs a zipper:


A little girl’s dress that needs a zipper, collar and hem.


Makes me think that I really need to finish each project before I move on to the next.  The problem is the queue just keeps getting longer and longer.

Now I just need a bin to put all of this stuff in…