Finished the first sock for my Sockapalooza pal. Even with the measurements, I am a little nervous that they won’t fit her right. I guess that is the risk you take when you sign on for a swap like this. While lurking around her blog, I started to worry that these socks will not be up to her standards. Sock pal seems to have some perfectionist tendencies and I don’t want to fail her. Thanks to Sarah‘s influence, I am slowly becoming more confident at ripping back and have done my fair share on this project so far. I am looking forward to blocking next (more of Sarah’s influence).

I scored a ball winder at a church rummage sale last week. I actually had to talk them into selling it to me because the sale was officially Saturday and I was there on Thursday. I managed to convince them and got it for $5! I’ve been itching to order a swift, but can only dream for now. When a recent order from Superbuzzy arrived the other day, Brad asked if he needed to confiscate my credit cards. I laughed. He didn’t. Doh! He will just have to stand around with hanks of yarn around his arms while I wind them into happy little yarn cakes. Wonder if that will help convince him? Probably not.