Literally. I fell while walking to pick up Joshua at school. Fortunately, I was wearing Sarah on my back and she was unhurt. I usually wear her on the front and shutter to think what could have happened if that were the case today.  Instead, I bore the brunt:  one of my knees is severely scraped up, the other one just hurts and my only pair of jeans now have a gaping hole in the knee (not to mention blood stains).

Ripped out my second attempt at my Sockapalooza pal’s sock. Gauge is a bitch!


This yarn:


So, so soft! Abby and I got to escape go to the Shepherd’s Harvest Sheep and Wool Festival on Sunday. I bought myself the yarn as a little Mother’s Day present while we were there. There was a lot more I could have come home with, but I practiced great restraint. I am contemplating what I should knit. For now, I will just visit this newcomer to my stash and pet it every once in a while.

This picnic blanket (inspired by Amanda‘s):


Brad wondered if I was really ready to put this on the ground and let our children eat while sitting on it. Yes, I think I am. Honestly, it is a little wonky and that would bug me if it were anything other than a picnic blanket. I have been hording the fat quarters for a while now and thought this was a fun way to use them. The backing fabric is an Ikea curtain that I found at Goodwill for $3.

Thrifted fabric :


Another $3 at Goodwill. There is at least 6 yards of this stuff and I think it is screaming to be made into sun dresses for the girls. I think I will follow Erin‘s lead and try out the elastic thread.

Progress on the sock:


Third time’s a charm, right?