The other day I mentioned that I don’t consider myself a “master thrifter”. This was less a reference to any perceived lack of skill on my part and more so the fact that I go so infrequently. That may need to change.

I managed to squeeze in a couple of trips this week while Joshua was in school and came home with several finds. There are the mundane finds, like a pair of shorts for me or boots for Joshua. It is great finding something you need and getting a good deal for it, but nothing out of the ordinary. There are the fun whimsies, like a vintage sewing pattern or a cute pottery bowl. Then there the finds that make you feel like you’ve gotten away with something naughty by paying so little for something so great. I came home with multiples in each category. I won’t bore you with the mundane finds and skip straight to the fun stuff…


Vintage Smock Pattern – $.29

I think I will skip the mini dress, but I may be making the smock forthwith. I’ll have to practice holding my head at a tilt, just so.


Fire-King peach lusterware 8×8 square pan – $2.99



Noritake Palos Verde vegetable bowl

I think I paid $1.50 for this. I didn’t know anything about the pattern, but I liked it and we don’t have a lot of serving dishes so I got it. Turns out the pattern was produced in the 70’s and similar items go for $15-22. Good deal, eh?

In addition to trips to the thrift store, I have also managed to finish my socks (finally!)


and start socks for my Sockapalooza4 sock partner.


Okay, that’s just the yarn. Trust me, I started the sock. Actually, I started twice. First time, it looked like I cast on too few. This time feels like too many, but I may knit a while and see what they are like. Good thing the mail date isn’t until August. Hopefully they won’t take me as long as the ones I just finished. Those took for bloomin’ ever!