Yesterday was a day of ripping. Ripping out a sewing project gone wrong. Ripping back on a sock in progress. Grrr.

I bought Simplicity 4123 a while ago and was looking forward to making one for the summer. When I brought it home my daughter asked, “Who are you going to make this for?”. When I replied that it would be for me she said, “Oh, so when you get skinny, you’ll make it?”. Thanks, honey.

The pattern was promptly stashed away. I finally decided to make it and thought it would go quickly. I was wrong. I planned to try the version with the flutter sleeves but that wasn’t a good idea. For one, I am really not skilled at sewing curves, so hemming the sleeves wasn’t pretty. Also, it really doesn’t work well with cotton. I ended up ripping out a few seams, but fudged my way around ripping out the whole thing. Not my greatest work, but I am hoping that I will have an easier time of it when I try this pattern again.


In the midst of my frustration with the top, I decided that maybe I should put that aside and knit a little to relax. I was in the middle of the heel flap, so it is pretty mindless and relaxing. Until I realized that I was knitting on the wrong number of stitches. Had to rip out a nearly completed heel flap. Did I mention, GRRRR?!?!


Maybe this is a sign that I should start my socks for Sockapalooza 4 soon, so the August mail date doesn’t kick me in the butt.

I did manage a super quick craft today. A small thrifted bowl, scrap linen, wool roving, a dab of hot glue and voila, a pincushion!


Having had the unfortunate experience of sitting on an overturned pincushion, I am rather fond of the idea of a solid bottom surface.