I have been on the receiving end of some excellent thrift finds lately. Notice I say “on the receiving end”. I am not a master thrifter, though I would love to spend more time cruising the aisles of my local Goodwill. I happen to be the mother of a rather cute 7- month old who is the real recipient of said thrifted goodness. My friends have had great luck coming upon “must have” items that are too small for their own children, but just right for my wee one. It’s really all about who you know.

This is one example,


A vintage Paddington smock. Of course, I have a big soft spot for all things smockish. It also hits a soft spot because it is Paddington of the era we lived in Scotland. There are several children’s characters that I was introduced to during our year abroad and have loved ever since. Paddington Bear, Miffy, the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, just to name a few. There is just something so enduring about those favorites from early childhood.


“Please look after this bear.” I shall do my very best.

Though the vast majority of the finds have been for baby Sarah, I did get this little bit of greatness the other day.


Abby found two at Goodwill and presented them at knit night with an invitation for me and Sarah to arm wrestle for them. The gasp of awe that escaped both of us in unison indicated that the battle would be hard fought. In the end, no blood was spilled.  We opted to each take one.