With my sewing machine currently out of order, I’ve been playing around with my fabric scraps in other ways. How much fun is a bias tape maker?? I know, just call me “johnny-come-lately”. I don’t have a specific use for the bias tape, but I’ve been cutting and ironing bias tape just for fun. Cheap thrills.

Speaking of cheap thrills, I followed Jessica and Sally‘s lead and got a button maker kit to make thumb tacks . I also got a larger size to make magnets.



Hee, hee! So much fun! I need to get several refill packs because these things are addictive. Such a great way to use up scraps, too. I also want an even larger size. I have some hedgehogs who are itching to have their day on a magnet and won’t fit in a 7/8 inch diameter.


(Fabric from Superbuzzy, of course!)