We had an enjoyable Easter despite the chilly Minnesota weather. The kids were excited to hunt for their relatively meager loot at home and equally happy to discover the Easter bunny had dropped off a gigantic bowl of candy at church. No worries that their blood sugar levels would drop too low!

Lizzie was thrilled to wear her grandma’s dress. She discovered that it is a fine dress in which to twirl.


Lizzie received many compliments and eagerly shared the provenance of the dress with anyone willing to listen. When we arrived for brunch, she immediately changed into clothes that were more appropriate for an outdoor egg hunt. She was quick to tell our hosts that her dress was “rather delicate”.

I received my first swap package last week! I got this package of goodies from Marcia, my Vintage Button Swap partner:


Meanwhile, I sent this bundle:


The cards for the buttons and the hair pins are about the extent of my craftiness lately. I did make invitations for a friend’s baby shower.


I had several more involved ideas percolating, but just didn’t have the drive to see those through. Sometimes it is hard to quiet the inner cynic that keeps saying, “why bother with so much effort, these will just end up in the recycle bin anyway”.

The big kids returned to school today after a week off for spring break.  To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of having them home all week, but we ended up having a pretty good time.  The key was staying busy and seeing people everyday.  We filled the week with the art museum, amusement park at the uber mall, and multiple playdates with friends.

After the busy week and an equally busy (and sugar-fueled) weekend, it was nice to have a relatively mellow Monday.  Once I got Joshua to school and Sarah down for a nap, I was tempted to sit down to my sewing machine.  Alas, I was a good girl and did some work (the kind for which I receive a paycheck).  Maybe tomorrow…