Hippity, hoppity, hippity, hoppity Easter’s on its way! A quick trip out for a couple chocolate bunnies and I think I’ll be set for Easter. I try hard to keep Easter baskets under control and not overplay the Easter bunny. I am employed by a church, after all. In past years I have given the kids gardening gloves and seeds, in addition to a chocolate bunny and some jelly beans. This year I got some cute German paper eggs to hold the jelly beans. No more plastic eggs!! I also got each kid a Holztiger figure. It was so hard to decide on which ones to get, they are all so cute. I ended up getting a rooster, hen and chick.



Next time I want to get a couple bunnies and some sheep. I especially love I’m sure the kids will like the bunny eating a carrot and the baa, baa black sheep. 🙂

Despite my Southern upbringing, I don’t get too uptight about what the kids wear to church on most Sundays.  Holidays are a different story.  In the kids’ closet, we have a growing collection of Christmas and Easter outfits, many of which are sent up from Memphis by my mom. They come from stores with names such as, Little Lambs & Ivy and Cottontails. Getting the picture yet? Peter pan collars, smocking, Bishop dresses and John Johns. Hee hee. I love it. Maybe it is a product of growing up in the South, but I really can’t think of anything cuter than a little boy in a smocked John John with a Peter Pan collar. After years of torturing Joshua, I have accepted that he is too big for such get-ups. Not to mention, we live in Minnesota, so he was often forced to wear snow pants over the Easter outfit on the way to church so as not to freeze en route. This year he will get to wear khakis and a sweater vest like a big boy. ::sniff, sniff::

With my thrifting success a couple weeks ago, I have outfits for Sarah and Joshua. What about Lizzie? In looking through the afore mentioned closet, I found not one, but two possibilities for Lizzie to wear. The first is a dress that my mother-in-law wore as a child. It is, in fact, the dress she is wearing in a painting that hangs in their foyer.


I am both thrilled and terrified to have Lizzie wear this dress on Easter. It is quite delicate. Option number two is a dress that belonged to me as a child. A similarly dainty Polly Flinders dress, but possibly not as delicate.  Such decisions to make! Maybe I’ll let Lizzie decide. Novel idea, eh?  Whichever dress she picks, I am tempted to go in search of a white hat to finish off the ensemble.  Overkill?  Maybe, but it is Easter!