I am loving the smocket (thanks for sharing Alicia) ! I whipped this outfit out in a day (probably only a couple hours total of cutting and sewing).


Cute, no? When I first saw the pattern here, I thought the ties were cute but I thought I’d prefer buttons. What was I thinking? First of all, buttons are more work. Second of all, I like that it gives a little peek at the contrast fabric.  I obviously made the ties a bit wider and longer than the original.  I might play around with that on the next one.


I see lots of these in the near future. Next time I will remember to sew the pocket on before I sew the two main pieces together.  Since I wanted the pocket but also wanted it reversible, I ended up sewing the pocket on by hand through the opening at the bottom for turning.  I will make some baby bloomers instead of the pants for summer.  Maybe with a ruffle or two in the contrast fabric??  ::hee, hee::

When I showed it to my husband after I finished it, he said, “Wow, that’s cute and it looks easy. That’ll make a great gift.” Gift? Oh, you mean I should be making some for other babies? Yep, I’ll get right on that. Just as soon as I finish the other 4 I had planned for Sarah. 🙂