Started to fold some kids’ clothes this morning and found this:


Bummer. An unfortunate lesson in the need to use fray check or otherwise finish the ends of ribbon on garments. I will need to fortify myself to do some surgery on this little top that I made for Sarah for Christmas.


The ties really never stayed tied though, so maybe this is an opportunity to replace them with something more practical. Velcro? Snaps? Duct tape?

I did have some mild success sewing this afternoon. I have been obsessing about smocks for a while now. The obsession grew when I saw Amanda‘s post back in January . I’ve been on the hunt for a pattern for something similar, but haven’t found the right thing. I finally gathered the nerve, sketched out a pattern, and gave it a go today. By the third try, I think I was getting close.


Close enough, at least. I made good use of some thrifted fabric I got last week. 99 cents well spent. Maybe I’ll work up to using some of the fun fabrics I have purchased recently.

In addition to the 99 cent fabric, I also picked up a vintage apron for me and a dress for Sarah on my thrifting venture. To say the apron is bold is a considerable understatement. I can’t quite decide if it is funky-good or funky-“what the hell were you thinking?”.   What do you think?


The dress for Sarah was a no-brainer for me. I am a sucker for smocking and a Peter Pan collar. Maybe it is the Southerner in me. This one is handmade, right down to the hand-stitched hem. Look at the wee carrots!  It should fit her perfectly for Easter.