A while back, I’d mentioned that I am prone to complaining and that I was trying to be more positive. I’d like to strike that from the record, please. I can’t tell you why, but I’ve been feeling pretty gloomy of late, rather Eeyore-like. It has colored everything I do: parenting, housekeeping, crafting, etc.

I made this the other day.


Springy and bright, right? All I can think is that I should have made the tote, not just embellished a store bought bag. I should have made it and it should be bigger, with pockets and the bird should be different.

I appliqued a t-shirt for Lizzie to go with her skirt. I was going for a mod interpretation of a dandelion (the flowers on the fabric).


Brad walked by and commented, “Lizzie will really like the balloons”. I almost ripped the whole thing out on the spot.

Yesterday was Lizzie’s birthday. I got up early and made pancakes for breakfast before she had to catch the bus at 7 am. After she was on the bus, Brad and I rearranged her room (her and Joshua’s room, really) to create a reading nook for her. It turned out well and she was really surprised and excited about it when she got home from school.


I splurged the other day and ordered Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing from Amazon.  I just checked and it is supposedly “out for delivery”.  Maybe getting that will help brighten my day a bit.