Recently, I’ve been craving a variety of English fare. I blame Charlie and Lola. All their talk of “yummy biscuits” has dug up some long-buried comfort food cravings from my childhood. My family spent a year living in Aberdeen, Scotland while my dad taught at the university there. I was pretty wee and have very few memories of our time there, most of which are heavily influenced by my parents’ and sister’s recollections. Food, however, is another story. I have strong food memories of dipping toasty soldiers in gooey egg yolk, the mildly sweet and wheaty taste and texture of digestive biscuits, and the texture of a real scone.

Our outing to World Market yesterday turned out to be a one-stop shop. I found egg cups (a necessity for soft-boiled eggs) and digestives. Darn if I only saw the digestives that are half dipped in chocolate.

With Lizzie and Joshua at school and the babe taking a nap, I was able to enjoy my egg and toast,



followed by tea and biscuits.



Hmmm, maybe we should have bangers and mash for dinner.

Too much, Charlie and Lola, I tell you.  This morning, Joshua was saying something to Brad and stopped to comment to himself, “hey, I said that like Charlie”.   Funny.