Fingerless Mittens, originally uploaded by rouxhauser.

I’ve recently finished a couple projects that I had left to languish at the bottom of my knitting basket. I finished Sarah’s second sock, but have yet to track down some elastic thread to help them stay on better. I also knit the second of a pair of fingerless mittens. These are knit with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (colorway: Serengeti) and mohair held together. They are so soft and warm, but I will forever be reminded of my laziness when I wear them. You see, the first one I knit was rather tight and used kfb for the increase rather than the prescribed M1. My gauge was much better the second time around and I actually followed the directions for the thumb gusset. Needless to say, the difference is noticeable. I keep thinking I could rip out the first one and reknit it, but I’m just not feeling that industrious. Laziness is a bitch.