Monday morning some friends dropped their daughter off to play. The house was its usual state of disarray, but I could have cried when they walked into the kitchen. How embarrassing. Dishes piled up, food out on the counter, clutter everywhere. Once Brad tamed the dishes, I took on the sink. I probably could have used a haz-mat suit given the state of things, but a pair of rubber gloves was all I had. I didn’t care to notice how long it took me, but I did spend some quality time scrubbing and scouring the sink and its environs. It was a thing of beauty, at least for the minute and a half before Joshua came and dumped dirty dishes into the sink. *sigh*

After that, I spent a lot of time lingering by the sink, washes dishes and wiping down around the sink each time it was used. Maybe for some people this sounds normal. I took it to extremes and then burned out soon there after. This is why I loath housework. It is so fleeting, as to feel futile. As soon as the dishes are all clean, dried and put away, it is time for another meal. As soon as I sweep and mop, someone comes in with snowy boots or sandy shoes. Is my name Sisyphus? That’s why I spend more time crafting and less time cleaning. Crafts show progress and feel productive. With a small amount of time invested, Lizzie has a new dress to wear. For a little more time invested, Brad has a new hat to wear. I guess I’m just not cut out for keeping a clean and organized house. Oh well, the house may be a disaster, but I’m happy to knit you some slippers to keep your feet warm while you visit.

I finished up a couple of projects this week:

Lizzie’s skirt


There was really no need to rush given the fact that the high will not be above 0 F for the next several days. Maybe dreams of spring will help us get through the next week or so.

Joshua’s PJ pants


He started asking for Tigger pajamas and I just couldn’t say no. It is so refreshing to have him interested in something other than pirates or Bat-Man, I wanted to encourage it.

A little gnome hat:


I also finished the hat I started in church last Sunday.

I made an attempt at a zippered bag from this tutorial. It’s not pretty, but I think I’ve figured it out and can be more precise next time. Now that I have made one, I think I’ll be making many, many more.