Looking in my knitting basket for a project to take with me to church, all I found was the shawl (too much concentration required) and the second baby sock ready to turn the heel (requires the book, because I don’t have that part memorized). Instead, I cast on a k2, p2 rib hat for my husband. All set for some mindless knitting during the service.

Yes, I knit during church. You gotta problem with that? I’m sure many find it wildly inappropriate and some may even be offended (especially given the fact that I’m employed by the church). Despite what others may think, it works for me. I have actually found that I take in more of the sermon while knitting than I do otherwise. If I’m not knitting and my husband is holding Sarah, my mind starts to wander and I end up composing a grocery list or to-do list for work. ( If I’m holding Sarah, I am usually distracted by her 4 month old cuteness.) There is something about the rhythm of knitting that soothes me, it is quite meditative. Perhaps it is more mindful than mindless.

I really need to start making a list before I go to Joann’s. I have a tendency to require multiple trips to the store for a single (supposedly simple) project. One trip for the pattern. Another for the fabric, because I am indecisive. A third for the notions, because I’ve taken so long to decide on the fabric, I don’t remember to go get the thread, elastic, buttons, etc. I am currently in need of trip #3 to get elastic for a skirt for Lizzie and pajama pants for Joshua. Maybe I should think ahead to my next project and get everything I need at one time. Maybe, but I doubt it.