Last December (2005) I bought myself some Malabrigo and the book Hip Knit Hats for the purpose of making myself this hat.


It knit up quickly and I was most anxious to felt it. While I was felting the hat, I got a phone call. I wish I had the excuse that I was a novice to felting. Nope, just an idiot. I ran up and got the phone, chatted with my friend and went back down to find my hat was now more of a fez. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I used a skein of Lopi from my stash and knit the hat again. You can tell I was a little gun shy with the felting this time, because it is still rather large on me.


The fez sat in my projects-gone-awry basket for over a year until a couple weeks ago when I had the courage to cut into it.


First I made this,


then I made this.


I might have to return to the projects-gone-awry basket to see what else I can deconstruct.

While I was making the second flower (based on Betz White‘s fun tutorial), my four- year-old son came up and started to study it. He asked if I was making broccoli. While his older sister scoffed, I pulled out some green felt and made him this.


 I think I’ll be making more of these (yes, I will bother to change the thread to match the felt next time).  Wonder what other veggies I can make with felt?