I’m in need of some quiet. The wee one is finally taking a nap. It has been punctuated by her snuffles, sniffles and occasional whimpers. Poor congested babe. Joshua is being his usual active self. Lizzie seems to have picked up a bad attitude that she can’t shake. I knew that I would be subjected to the sassy backtalk and eye-rolling when she entered adolescence and even her “tween” years. I really didn’t expect this so soon. Perhaps I failed to read the fine print on this parenting thing.

My carrot-on-the-stick is going to knit with Abby and Sarah tonight. Now that I FINALLY finished the bubby’s socks (why I decided to knit socks for a man who wears a size 13, I will never know), perhaps I will return to my leaf lace shawl. I’m just hoping I can figure out where I am in the pattern.

Leaf Lace Shawl